Silent No More: A Sikh Response to the Idle No More Movement

I have been scanning the online world for months now trying to find a way to explain how I feel and why I support the “Idle No More” movement  and finally someone elegantly wrote a wonderful fresh perspective that I want to share.  Now you could be asking why I don’t write my own blog about this topic…well honestly I am so close to it that I feel it would be too biased and emotional.  This article is factual and clear, it needs to be shared and I cannot relate to the author since he’s Sikh and I am not.  I hope you enjoy it and I look forward to starting a dialogue in regards to this article.  Thanks for reading! – Michelle

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Consultation vs Engagement – What is the difference?

Consultation versus Engagement – What is the difference? Is there really a difference? Now it depends to who you talk to but to keep things simple: consultation is the legal responsibility of the crown (Canadian Government) and engagement is the delegated responsibility from the crown to the industry proponent proposing a resource project on the land. If you think of these two terms in this way it keeps it quite simple.

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